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Objektivismi ja anarkokapitalismi - kritiikkiä, parodiaa ja ironiaa

Nimimerkki DonGalt:
First off, I apologize for the puny pseudonym. I couldn't think of anything particularly clever, didn't like any of the names I'd been using in the past, and so I just picked this one.

Ironically, John Galt is my least favorite of Rand's heros, and in real life I'm more of a cross between Howard Roark (in looks) and Hank Rearden (in profession, ideology.) But I wish I was Ragnar.

I'm an objectivist. After having enough discussions to recognize that the number of other objectivists who think the way I do is less than twelve, my faith in humanity is restored, and I now take that label. :-) Seriously, though, the objectivist movement has been hurt and almost destroyed by the ARI split with TOC. It's appropriate that the ARI has "Rand" in its name and the TOC has "Objectivist" in its. I consider the two factions "Randians" and "Objectivists". (And the Randians, by adopting every utterance of Rand as the Word Of God, while ignoring objectivism, are not objectivists.)

But even with the non-randian objectivists I have my breaks-- microsoft is a good litmus. Microsoft needs to be shut down. Not because its a monopoly-- its not, and not because of anti-trust, and not because they are arrogant, but because they have broken legitimate laws wholesale, violated property rights, and destroyed the US Domestic software industry. This is something I know first hand, from working for them and working in the industry.

I am a libertarian, as are all objectivists, and I'm quickly realizing that I'm on my way to being an anarchist. L. Neil Smith got me thinking along these lines, though Atlas Shrugged could have, if I hadn't been reconciling my previous liberalism with the discovery of objectivism at the time.

I think it's amazing that Galt's Pledge on one side and the ZAP, the NAP, and the Libertarian Oath on the other side, all say the same thing -- and yet there are objectivists who don't realize that Galt's pledge REQUIRES anarchism, and there are libertarians who don't realize that the NAP does as well.

Nimimerkki E. H. Munro:
The ZAP? What does the Zoological Anthropomorphic Principle have to do with anarchism?

Nimimerkki Aaron:
Yeah, yeah, I know you are just making a joke, in the normal E.H. fashion, but I googled the ZAP today to find an answer to that question. Zero Aggression Principle. Apparently it's just a fancier, more futuristic name for the NAP. I have obviously not been attending the mandatory libertarian classes

E. H. Munro:
Objectivist liberty zeminars are ALVAYZ mandatory. I assure you, ve have vays üf making you comply. Introductions/Histories, Introducing Don Galt

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