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Millaista on kommunismi

kuva punakhmerien Kambodzhasta, joka on Zeitgeist-kommunistien ihannevaltio Pohjois-Korean ohella


How one man escaped from a North Korean prison camp

  • "In 1998 Shin was working alongside thousands of prisoners building a hydroelectric dam on the Taedong river. Labour continued round the clock, with most of the digging and construction done by workers using shovels, buckets and bare hands. Shin had seen prisoners die in the camp before – of hunger, illness, beatings and at executions – but not as a routine part of work. The greatest loss of life occurred when a flash flood rolled down the Taedong in July 1998, sweeping away hundreds of dam workers and students. Shin was quickly put to work burying their bodies."

  • "The following year, secondary school came to an end. At 16, it was time for a permanent job. Shin's teacher handed down assignments without explanation, curtly telling students where they would spend the rest of their lives. More than half of Shin's class were sent to the coalmines, where accidental death from cave-ins, explosions and gas poisonings was common. Most miners developed black lung disease and died in their 40s, if not before."

  • "Park explained what life was like outside Camp 14. He told Shin about money, television, computers and mobile phones. He explained that the world was round.
    Much of what Park talked about was difficult for Shin to understand, believe or care about."

  • "Before Shin crawled through that electric fence and ran off into the snow, no one born in a North Korean political prison camp had ever escaped. As far as can be determined, Shin is still the only one to do so."

  • "Within two years, he was in South Korea. Within four, he was living in southern California, an ambassador for Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), an American human rights group."

Tuossa tuli terveisiä Zeitgeist-kusipäille ja muille kommunisteille.

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