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Canadian university fires computer science professor for saying women are less intelligent than men

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The end

After the events of the recent days, I have decided to take down my blog, and would like to apologize to all people who have been hurt or offended by my old posts. I understand that even the good and funny ideas that I have had don't sound so good if they are accompanied with badly executed South Park -style crude attempts for laughs and mockery, trying to be witty in the expense of other people, in the end merely flouting my ignorance about pretty much everything.

In the online world and the blogosphere, it is just too easy to forget the real world and the people in it, especially for an introvert such as me. The whole thing just seemed to gradually escalate until I got this sudden wakeup call. Even for the times when I was right and did present many good ideas and observations, what good did there ever come out of it? When I add everything up, my online writing really did not make the world a better place, as a whole.

Once again, I would like to say that I am sorry about having been such an asshole for such a long time. I would like to keep doing the teaching job that I love, since I'd like to think that I have always been a good and a fair teacher. My teacher persona really is quite different from my online persona, who will exist no longer. I know that in my teaching and grading I have always treated everybody the same way, but of course I can't really now prove it to you. So I will keep doing what I love, and will take whatever comes to me and happens without complaint.

I am deeply humiliated and ashamed by this experience, and at least I understand my place in the whole world much better. This will therefore be enough of the virtual world for me. I will now sign off permanently, thanking everybody for bearing with me, and once more apologizing for everyone who I have hurt or insulted in my thoughtlessness. When I go out next time, I will be looking at the whole world in a very different way.

A moment before pressing the button for the last time, I am now free. Good bye.

posted by Ilkka Kokkarinen


This "apology", which is a thinly veiled parody, is a pathetic attempt by Ilkka to lick the jackboots of feminazi thugs in order to keep his job at the Soviet university by making the thoughpolice believe he genuinely repents his thoughtcrime.

Ilkka reminds me of the ghetto Jews who cooperated with the SS in the false hope that they would save their own asses.

In stark contrast, when Hans-Hermann Hoppe, professor of economics at the University of Nevada, was attacked by the thoughtpolice for saying homosexuals are less interested on the average in planning for the future as heterosexuals because the former generally don't have children and the latter do, he refused to surrender, and successfully sued the university for breach of job contract, and managed to get a lot of positive public attention, thereby humiliating the Soviet-style inquisitors who wanted him to give up his Goldsteinism.

4 kommenttia:

Mikko Sandt kirjoitti...

Erittäin valitettava tapaus. Kokkarinen päätti sitten mennä jopa niin pitkälle, että blogin arkistotkin piti tyhjentää.

Ihmisen ei pitäisi joutua kohtelemaan itseään tuolla tavalla.

Markku kirjoitti...

Otsikko on harhaanjohtava, koska Kokkarinen ei ole saanut potkuja eikä valituksista huolimatta hänen esimiehensä ole edes harkinneet potkujen antamista.

Mikko Ellilä kirjoitti...

Kokkarisen myöhemmät selitykset ovat epäuskottavia. Häntä on ilmiselvästi uhattu potkuilla.


Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Lisätietoa Kokkarisen tilanteesta:

In an e-mail to the Women?s Centre and RyePride last Friday, Kokkarinen apologized for his ?cruel, thoughtless and blatantly offensive blog posts.?

But RyePride co-ordinator Mandy Ridley said the apology was insufficient.

?We don?t need to hear why ? he thinks he can make sexist and homophobic remarks.?

Computer science chair, Alireza Sadeghian, said he spoke with Kokkarinen last Wednesday to suggest he partake in a workshop on discrimination.

?We are in contact with the discrimination and harassment prevention office at Ryerson to arrange a seminar,? Sadeghian said.

He added that Kokkarinen ?was extremely understanding of the issue at hand and has agreed to attend.?

Ridley called the response a ?slap on the wrist.?

Dave Mason, a member of the computer science faculty and president of the Ryerson Faculty Association, said there are no grounds to punish Kokkarinen.

Under the collective agreement, professors are protected by academic freedom. ?I disagree with what he said, but not of his right to say it,? Mason said.

Mason described the situation as an educational process for Kokkarinen, and said he believes Kokkarinen did not realize the full weight of his words.

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