tiistaina, heinäkuuta 22, 2003

William J. Beck III kommentoi eilen mainitsemaani Ann Coulterin uutta kirjaa:

I think she could be doing a much better job at making a crucially important case, which is: the way almost the entire 20th century was suffused with leftists' infatuation with communism, their outright psychotic denial of its true character, all the way down to its root premises, and the enormous implications that these facts always held for American life.

Suora ote itse kirjasta:

To review the record, as part of Truman's yeoman work on the Cold War, he cooperated with the Soviets at the Nuremberg Trials, whitewashing their joint aggression with Hitler under the Nazi-Soviet Pact. He looked the other way when the Soviet Union murdered three million Russian prisoners of war returned home by the Allies. On his watch, the Soviet army consolidated its control over nine countries, China became a Communist dictatorship, and tens of millions of people were murdered under Communist tyrannies. Truman defended Communist spy Alger Hiss as a patriot who was framed by Republicans, and he tried to indict Whittaker Chambers for perjury. He refused to remove members of his administration identified to him by J. Edgar Hoover and others as Communist agents, including Harry Dexter White, whom Truman appointed top U.S. representative of the IMF. Among the Soviet spies advising Truman on China was Frank Coe, who refused to answer the question: 'Are you a Soviet agent, Mr. Coe?' Soon thereafter Coe fled to Communist China, where he became a top policy-maker to Chairman Mao, helping the Chinese murder tens of millions of their own people. Truman was considered such a dupe of the Communists that the Army refused to tell him about the Venona Project. And that's how Truman won the Cold War!

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