maanantaina, helmikuuta 28, 2005


Miksi rakastan Wikipediaa?

Let's trim our hair in accordance with the socialist lifestyle is a Television program produced by the government of North Korea. The show, broadcast on state-run television in the capital of Pyongyang, is intended to educate the public on good and bad hairstyles. An initial five-part series in the show Common Sense featured officially endorsed haircut styles, while a later series went a step further by showing certain men as examples of how not to trim hair. The show claims that hair length can affect human intelligence in part because of the deprivation to the rest of the body of nutrients required for hair to grow.

Ja jos ette usko tiedon paikkansapitävyyteen, tsekatkaa mitä kaikkea pientäkin tahallista ja tahatonta seasta on löydetty.

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