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Ruotsin feministipuolueelle nauretaan huonojen esiintymisten takia. Ihan hauskoja juttuja, mutta keskittyvät kuitenkin ulkoasialliseen naureskeluun feministien keskustelu- ja esitystyyliin eivätkä feministien teorioiden kritisoimiseen. Tosin ihan asiaakin löytyi, tosin vasta blogin kommenttien joukosta:
Actually, in the morning sofa in svt, Rosenberg said that the methods she could imagine to get rid of the patriarchal system was ?not suitable for broadcast?. Then the host Marianne Rundström interrupted her by saying that now she was really interested in those methods. Rosenberg then continued ?well, if we should talk about the democratic methods?, and that kind of says it all.
Jee. Tosin tämä ulkoasiallinen kommentti oli hauska:

Well, interestingly, the reason no-one takes radical feminism as seriously threat-wise as say, Marxism, is that the movement is largely devoid of men. Hence, there will be no large-scale feminist violence against their opponents, in the manner that Marxists avocate - only a huge amount of nagging. (Which is annoying and destructive of course!)

Still, without angry young men a movement just won?t amount to much with regards to physical power projection.

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