tiistaina, toukokuuta 10, 2005

Lastenraiskaajat ja -puukottajat vankilaan

Reasons not to Circumcise:

Male Genital Mutilation is a cruel, painful, mutilating, torturous, violative act without valid medical benefit that not only contravenes the UN Charter but also violates every principle of human kindness and medical ethics in every civilized country in the world. The very foundation of modern medicine is "First, do no harm." Yet, circumcision does just that.

The American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and equivalent organizations in Canada all state that routine circumcision is not medically justified.

Growing up, we heard the same myths that all of you have heard - it's just a snip, it doesn't hurt. Lies! They have attached EKGs and EEGs to babies during circumcision. Their blood pressure rises, their brain waves go off the chart, they writhe in pain, and they go into shock. It hurts, trust me.

Circumcision removes healthy, erogenous tissue. It has been estimated by Canadian researchers that up to 80% of a male's erogenous tissue is amputated during a circumcision.

We've also heard people say, "It's cleaner." If boys can learn to blow their nose, brush their teeth, and wipe their butts after using the toilet, they can learn to pull back their foreskin and wash. (Incidentally, the foreskin is normally attached to the Glans and may not separate until puberty. When this is the case, it should be left alone, not forcibly retracted).

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