perjantaina, toukokuuta 06, 2005

Roskaruokaa ja videopelejä kirjoittaa hauskasti arvostelun Steven Johnsonin kirjasta Everything bad is good for you. On niin kovin helppoa syyttää televisionkatselua ja roskaruokaa kaikesta pahuudesta, mutta:
Pop culture, like fast food, gets a bad rap. It's perfectly understandable: Because we consume so much of the stuff -- we watch so much TV, pack away so many fries -- and because the consumption is so intimate, it's natural to look to our indulgence as the cause of all that ails us. Let's face it, we Americans are fat and lazy and simple-minded; we yell a lot and we've got short attention spans and we're violent and promiscuous and godless; and when we're not putting horndogs into office we're electing dumb guys who start too many wars and can't balance the budget and ... you know what I mean? You are what you eat. The output follows from the input. When you look around and all you see is Ronald McDonald and Ryan Seacrest, it seems natural to conclude that junk food and junk culture are responsible for a large chunk of the mess we're in.
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